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17-Euphoria-Blogger x♥

Flong @florlieweezy hhuuilll isn’t amazing? 😍😍❤❤😂😱
Sun Kissed Skin  ☁☀
Relate 😁😨
Rice Please hohohoho 😱💣🍚
13. April 2014

Why some people are ssoooo obsessed with love? Friends o boyfriend? ddduuuhhhh i don’t where i can believe and trust! this fucking life!!! i hate when i get ignore like shitttt! okay fine Trust No One!!! Okay fine the only one that i can really trust is GOD for now! I don’t know where my true friends are?? those fake friends are rooting meeeee like hell!

Amygdala Works #ootn
10. April 2014

i don’t why she’s changing now ambot kung ano tana ging pa kaon sang nubyo niya sa iya man?? linti nubyo nubyo hindi man kasarang i hate it!!! like parati na lang siyang bf bf haaaayyy kasama na man kayo palagi baaaa bakit atat ng ataat ka sa kanya